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Yutaka was founded on the concept of combining the freshest ingredients with the art of sushi and asian cuisine; eat with the eyes, taste with the mouth. We wanted to delight our patrons with expertly prepared foods in an atmosphere that was warm, friendly, and fun. Yutaka have always tried their artfully prepared food, the quality of its ingredients, and the friendly atmosphere that keeps its loyal customers coming back again and again.

About Us

Yutaka Restaurant is one of the freshest restaurants in Montreal. A well-planned and organized distribution management will ensure that sushi is delivered to the outlet on a regular basis thus keeping its sushi fresh and delicious. Our major chefs and managers were trained in Japan, China, and Korea. Yutaka Restaurant offers quality sushi, Japanese cuisine and Asian cuisine comparable to Japanese and Asian fine dining restaurants and at attractive prices. It also features innovative menus which introduce seasonal availability of fresh seafood and vegetables from Japan and Asia.